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Guide to Cancer Cachexia

What is Cancer Cachexia? Is it a common condition in cancer patients? Read the Cancer Cachexia guide to learn about this important yet still poor known condition.

What is Cancer Cachexia?

Learn the basics about cancer anorexia cachexia and how it distresses the lives of those suffering from it. It’s more frequent than you might think.

What causes Cancer Cachexia?

Discover the causes of cancer cachexia. It is a complex process that involves both reduced food intake and wasting of body mass.

How serious is Cancer Cachexia?

Cancer Anorexia Cachexia is a highly debilitating condition. Discover more about the impact that is has on both patients and their loved ones.

How is Cancer Cachexia recognized?

This section will tell you more about the symptoms of cancer cachexia. You will learn how it’s diagnosed and what problems may be encountered.

Nutrition during Cancer

Nutrition during Cancer

Nutrition is of paramount importance for cancer patients, in that it plays major roles in many aspects of cancer development and treatment.

Scientific Board

Egidio Del Fabbro

Director Palliative Care Program, Virginia Commonwealth University.

Jose M. Garcia

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Gerontology & Geriatric Medicine, University of Washington School of Medicine.

Jane Hopkinson

Professor of Nursing, Cardiff University.

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