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Macmillan Durham Cachexia Pack

The Macmillan Durham cachexia pack is a resource for the assessment and management of problems with eating and weight loss in cancer patients with Cancer Cachexia. It was developed by a multiprofessional team in County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust. Selected contents of the Macmillan Durham cachexia pack are published on cancercachexia.com with editor's permission (Source: http://learnzone.org.uk/courses/course.php?id=67).

Adapting meals to prevent weight loss

This leaflet contains ideas for nourishing snacks, drinks and recipes for adapting your meals to increase the calorie and nutrient content. This is called "food fortification".

Managing change in your eating

Are you having problems with eating? This leaflet will tell you how other people have helped themselves to live with changes in their eating habits.

Tips to help you eat well

How you eat well when you have cancer can be different to how you ate before. It’s about making the most of the appetite that you have. This leaflet can help you.

Mouth care

Looking after your mouth is an important part of helping your symptoms such as dry mouth, sore mouth and taste changes. Some ideas of ways you can do that are listed in this fact sheet.

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